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Please do not share my freebies!

If you would like to share them with friends,
please share my blog link instead,
so that people may download for themselves. All of my scraps, etc., are large tagger size,
with elements approximately 600 px on the longest side and papers are at 800x800.
Unless I've used a designer product that requires a lower resolution, all of my designs
are at print quality 300 dpi, so they are perfect for small craft projects & cards.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

********NEW BLOG********follow the link to the blogtrain, please

I'm sorry, boyz and gurlz, but there are issues with this blog template that can't be resolved. 
 So rather than continue to screw it up more while trying to fix it, I've just opened a new blog. 
 I'm hoping my followers will come over and follow the new blog--
my freebies are all up on it and everyone will be able to download them now. 

We have a North Wing Crazy Train leaving the station, so click the link to get to the new blog and before you catch another ride on the train, please add yourself as a follower, TY!

come ride the Crazy Train, the inmates have outdone themselves with the witches and wizards theme--


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